Omaha Poker Strategy

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Omaha Poker is similar to Texas Holdem in some respect. You play it with five cards, three community plus two hole cards, to make a hand. It has many variants such as Hi/Lo, 5 cards, 5 cards Hi/Lo, and others. The rules are pretty much the same but they differ in betting structures. Instructions on how to play them and which strategies to use can be found in our articles section. It can also be played in Pot, Limit, and Limit versions.

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Welcome again to Omaha Poker Strategy! As we have promised, in this section we will be dealing with some of the basic strategies regarding playing this incredible game. Start taking notes and sign up at our recommended sites for an amazing online Omaha poker experience!

The Pre-Flop Strategy

Now, as you might know, some of the most important decisions you will have to make will happen before the flop( the turning of the community cards). You will have to think about which hands to play, should you raise or not, and ultimately what to do after the flop. As complicated as it seems, we offer you some strategies that might help avoid losing all your chips.

First, the cards that you were dealt with should play an important role on your decisions before the flop. Focus on the cards you hold. If you don’t have a strong hand, the odds of community cards helping you win are pretty slim. If you have straights, pairs, two or triple pairs, you should be all right. You will want to have hands that can win both the high and the low post. If you have a strong hand, next you should think about your betting best online casino payouts strategy. We advise you to rise. It will drive some players away from the table and you will get the chance to put more money in the pot. When you do it, make sure you have a wide hand selection that will make your moves less predictable. Don’t limp in because, on the flop or on the turn even, you could be opposed by lesser hands than yours.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you will need to think about how to play the rest of the hand but that’s a topic for another article. Making the right decision on the pre-flop will prove beneficial for the rest of the game but you will need to practice first. Clicking on our links and banners you will get the chance to do that at some of the best poker sites on the Net. All of them are secure and licensed because we at about your safety.

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